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Organize your Cruise Ship Cabin, Hotel Room and Home

Cruise Approved Power bar:     Cruise Ships do NOT allow power strips with Surge Protectors, they will be confiscated.  Most cruise ships only have a couple of outlets per cabin.  I travel with 2 of these, one for bedside and the other for the bathroom.

Doorstop Alarm:     When traveling with kiddos either hotel rooms or cruising these are a must.  You always know where they are.  I use them when I travel solo.  Real piece of mind !

Wrinkle Release:  Cruise Ships do NOT allow Irons/steamers/kettles, they will be confiscated. If flying get 100ml or lower.  Not all cruise ships have self-service laundry or items to loan.

Over the door organizer:     this is what I use to super organize.  If you have a door that connects the cabin next door and they are NOT with you.  This also help to deaden the sounds.

Magnet hooks:     Cruise cabins are sometimes small and walls are mainly metal.  These will hold the weight of a backpack and more to help you organize.

Magnet clips:     Organize all that cruise paperwork on your metal cabin walls.

Poo-Pourri:  Not much ventilation in ship cabins.  (make sure you get the 2oz size if you are flying - 100ml bottle limit)

Travel alarm clock:        Video Shows White but the product is black.  If you want to get up at a particular time, do not trust the wake up service on your cruise OK unless it is Disney and you really want to hear Mickey's voice on wakeup.

Night light (motion sensor):     Cruise cabins are really dark at night.  If it's an interior cabin you can't see your hand in front of your face.  These give you light without waking others sharing your cabin.

Night Lights:

Laundry hamper: and     If you have one at home duh! I know you do.  Why would you not have one at sea or in your hotel.  This collapses in to nothing.

Travel hairdryer:

Travel fan:     If you do not have a balcony cabin on the ship there is not much circulation.  This really helps!  I never travel without mine.

Luggage and Accessories that will make your travel so much more enjoyable!

Collapsible Cooler      Great for cruising or a hotel room without a fridge.  Your cabin steward will be happy to keep this filled with ice for you.

Collapsible Cooler 6pack size

Collapsible water bottles:     These are a godsend of convenience.  I travel with 4 of these.

Fanny Pack, Large Crossbody:     I wear a shirt or T over this to make it even safer.

Travel luggage scale:     A must if you don't want to pay that extra $50-$75 if your bag is over the limit at the airport especially after you have stuffed it with souvenirs that you bought.

Carry-On with Front Laptop Compartment:     Passes all airlines carry-on limits AND have a very convenient compartment to store your laptop.

Embarkation Day, Carry-On, Weekender bag:

Carry-On bag with small laptop section:

Carry-On luggage 20”:

Carry-On Luggage 22”:

Packing cubes set:

Packing cubes set:

Amazing Luggage set:

Hanging toiletry bag:

Travel jewelry bag:

Electronics organizer:

Getting around - Mobility

ECV Electric Foldable Adult Tricycle:

ID and Phone Holders

Retractable Cruise Lanyards:      and     These retract, unclip and are waterproof.  So convenient and large enough to handle a couple of dollar bills, drivers license besides your on-board card.

Passport, Vaccination and ID Holder:

Vaccine card protector with Lanyard:

Waterproof Vaccine Protector Card:

Passport holder USA:

Neck Wallet:

Waterproof phone cases on lanyards:

Floating Waterproof Phone Case:

At the Beach, on the Lido Deck and Excursions

Beach Tent     I've used this and the beach blanket below at all the cruise line private islands without issue.  Pays for itself in 1 use instead of renting a Clamshell or Cabana.

Beach Blanket

Sunglasses, Over RX Glasses Wrap Around:     A must for people that can't wear contacts and not a candidate for LASIK like me!

Waterproof phone cases on lanyards:

Floating Waterproof Phone Case:

Extra Large Canvas Beach Bag Gym Key Holder Bottle Opener

Mesh beach bag:

Travel binoculars:

Travel binoculars:

Waterproof Vaccine Protector Card:

Snorkel Mask:

Water Shoes:

Towel Clips:

Towel Bands:

SPF50 Sunscreen Clear:

Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF50:    This is the large size.  Get the next one...the smaller size if you are flying.

Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF50:  Get this size if you are flying they are under 100ml

Lip balm SPF 30:

Aloe vera gel:     If you are flying get the 100ml size.

Swimsuit Cover up:     Most Cruise ships require a cover up when even casual dining poolside.

Collapsible water bottles:

Reusable Stainless steel straws:    Most cruise ships have discontinued straws OR upon request might give you a paper one which collapses after a couple of sips, so bring your own.  These are great !

Motion Sickness Aids and Medical Help

Travel Pill Case:   Use this for OTC like aspirin, antacids etc.  Yes they have them available to purchase onboard but do you really want to pay upwards of $10 for 2 Tylenol?  Also, take a 30 day supply of RX’s and vitamins in their original containers.


Dramamine Original:

Dramamine Non-Drowsy:

Dramamine Multi-Purpose:


Ginger candies:

Cruise first aid kit:

Denture repair kit:       Cruise ships have medical but no dentist.  Please be prepared.

Tooth filling repair kit:

Crown and Bridges repair kit:

Track and Keep Your Luggage and Valuables Safe

Portable Lock box safe:        I use this on the beach, when on excursions and on the "Lido" deck.

Iphone AirTags:     Whether you have an iPhone or Android never lose anything again.  My son tags his kids and dog with these too.     Android Tile Mate Essentials:

Travel Lock TSA Approved:

Cruise Line Luggage Tag Holders

Be prepared before you embark.  You can print your luggage tags on each Cruise Line's website.  Save time and be ready to turn your bags over to the porters at the dock.  There are many listed on Amazon, however, the one below that I suggest works for all cruise lines. 

Universal Luggage Tags Holders:


Miscellaneous and Fun:

Cruise Rubber Duckies:  These are all yellow mini     and these are the 2+ inch normal size with some really cute assortments  Oh and if you like unicorns these are a must   Cruisers often hide rubber duckies around the ship for a bit of fun.  The ducks usually have information cards or passports attached to them bearing the names of the people who hid them and where those passengers are from.  Your choice to keep or hide again.  Rules:  Only public spaces, No Shops, No Pools, No Hot Tubs.  You can also post a Photo on Facebook Page "Cruising Ducks" with you and your newly found Rubber Duckie to share the adventure.  I personally hide 100 yellow mini on every cruise I have taken since this trend started in 2018.  You should see the collection I have from what I have found. 

Crew thank you cards:
















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